Dr. Jason Morgan selected for Editor’s Choice Award by Political Analysis

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 7/20/18 1:26 PM

Wiretappers make an impact wherever they go. 

Political Analysis selected a paper co-authored by our very own Jason Morgan, Vice President of Behavior Intelligence here at Wiretap and a Visiting Scholar at OSU, along with Professors Janet Box-Steffensmeier of The Ohio State University and Dino Christenson of Boston University, for their annual Editor's Choice Award. An abstract of the paper, titled Modeling Unobserved Heterogeneity in Social Networks with the Frailty Exponential Random Graph Model is shown below.

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The Challenge of Annual Employee Surveys

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 6/22/18 11:29 AM

Human Resources teams commonly invest in employee engagement surveys annually, in order to better understand employee sentiment and perception of the workplace. However, this process is inefficient at best, and inherently flawed in three key respects:

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Insider Threats & Workplace Collaboration Platforms

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 6/20/18 11:36 AM

An insider threat is a risk of breach that comes from individuals within a given organization (e.g. employees). The risk level with this type of threat is especially high given the amount of access, knowledge, and autonomy employees possess.

The truth is, inconveniently, people act one way in formal meetings and another way on their company's digital collaboration network. And this inconvenient truth can add a layer of risk, or a blind spot, for the organization.

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Reframing 'Being Watched at Work'

Posted by Greg Moran on 6/4/18 9:43 AM
On Thursday, May 31, Wiretap was featured in BBC World Service Business Daily’s podcast titled: Being Watched at Work.

The conversation that the BBC is helping to precipitate—at the intersection of data transparency and privacy, is a hugely important conversation, and its thornier bits were amplified recently by scandals at Uber, NBC, Cambridge Analytica and others. We are grateful to BBC Daily and Ed Butler for including us in this important discussion.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a Startup: From 0 to 1

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 5/17/18 4:54 PM


Our own Vice President of Behavioral Intelligence at Wiretap, Dr. Jason Morgan presented on building a data science team at Techstars Startup Week Columbus.

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Using AI to Identify and Reduce Sexual Harassment at Work

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 5/2/18 10:10 AM


The Cost of Sexual Harassment to an Enterprise

A staggering 25% of women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace at some point in their career. And the reality is, sexual harassment cases – reported or unreported – are harmful, and expensive, to both the employee and to the company.

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How AI is Protecting Company Culture on Collaboration Platforms

Posted by Jason Morgan on 3/12/18 11:08 AM


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