The Obligations of the CIO in Today’s Cyber War

Posted by Greg Moran on 12/21/16 4:03 PM

The CIO job is a tough one these days…you have to be a strategist, a budget hawk, a peace-maker, a people leader, a police captain, a friend and an evangelist. Wow…that’s a lot of hats to wear and I’m only scratching the surface — there are more! The role I want to focus in on today is the police captain role. That’s another job role that requires a lot of hats…at least the CIO role doesn’t involve life and death!

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Topics: ESN, CIO, ESN Security

A CIO’s Perspective on Enterprise Social Networks

Posted by Greg Moran on 11/21/16 2:23 PM

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the internet cross over the tipping point to an always on, high bandwidth solution. In conjunction with reaching critical mass on key standards and the explosion of mobile as a high function end-point, we’ve seen a tsunami of software innovation precipitated by the low barriers to entry for developers and low cost of acquisition/ease of use on the consumer side. These are really cool outcomes that have been talked about ad nauseam, so let’s get specific.

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Topics: ESN, Enterprise Social Network, CIO, ESN Security