The Challenge of Annual Employee Surveys

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 6/22/18 11:29 AM

Human Resources teams commonly invest in employee engagement surveys annually, in order to better understand employee sentiment and perception of the workplace. However, this process is inefficient at best, and inherently flawed in three key respects:

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What a Toxic Employee Can Cost to Your Company

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 6/14/18 11:34 AM


Rarely a day goes by without a headline that reveals misconduct or poor culture at a major enterprise organization. Depending on the offense, the impact of toxic behavior varies widely, but regardless the potential damage is significant. 

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Conquering Columbus Podcast ft. Jeff Schumann

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 2/25/18 9:46 PM

Episode 90

Mike Manuche and Josh Witt of Conquering Columbus interview Wiretap CEO and Co-Founder, Jeff Schumann for the latest epidode of their podcast.

From Jersey to Ohio, deciphering Taliban messages in his dorm room to climbing the corporate ladder at Nationwide, this episode covers Jeff’s childhood, his path to entrepreneurship, how he landed an offer to work at Facebook directly from Mark Zuckerberg, and most importantly, all the great things happening at Wiretap!

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