Using AI to Identify and Reduce Sexual Harassment at Work

Posted by Wiretap Staff on 5/2/18 10:10 AM


The Cost of Sexual Harassment to an Enterprise

A staggering 25% of women will experience sexual harassment in the workplace at some point in their career. And the reality is, sexual harassment cases – reported or unreported – are harmful, and expensive, to both the employee and to the company.

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How AI is Protecting Company Culture on Collaboration Platforms

Posted by Jason Morgan on 3/12/18 11:08 AM


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Microsoft Ignite 2017 Wrap Up

Posted by Matt Huber on 10/9/17 3:53 PM

The Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference this year was one of the best yet.

The venue, speakers, city, staff, and so much more were just the perfect mix to host this year. Special thanks to all of those who had a chance to stop by our booth and check out the plinko game. Many people won "cold hard cash" and a few won "Franklins" or "Jacksons" — as put by Alan and Kristian, our expert game hosts and contest announcers. We also gave away many "lucky pens" and other Wiretap swag. We also gave away 500 shirts — and if you wore it to the special drawing, you had a chance to win one of many Wiretap branded power-bricks or an awesome Phantom 4 Drone! 

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Security and the Enterprise Social Network

Posted by Matt Huber on 1/3/17 3:00 PM

By now, most people have heard of or are using a Enterprise Social Networks (ESN). You are probably using one in the form of Instant Messengers, Chat clients, or bulletin boards in your company and haven’t put that label on it. When we talk about these terms, they almost sound generic and archaic. But if you are new to them, the best way to describe these is to boil them down to their core components. Remember AOL chat rooms? A/S/L anyone? How about Bulletin Board systems? Those require admins to skim content to prevent the community from going up-in-flames. What if we add those systems to the enterprise today and mix in your culture? You may find that you have a pretty risky, yet rewarding tool to use. We call that Unsafe Collaboration.

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A CIO’s Perspective on Enterprise Social Networks

Posted by Greg Moran on 11/21/16 2:23 PM

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the internet cross over the tipping point to an always on, high bandwidth solution. In conjunction with reaching critical mass on key standards and the explosion of mobile as a high function end-point, we’ve seen a tsunami of software innovation precipitated by the low barriers to entry for developers and low cost of acquisition/ease of use on the consumer side. These are really cool outcomes that have been talked about ad nauseam, so let’s get specific.

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